Connecting Infrastructure Consortium
Connecting Infrastructure

Connecting Infrastructure

What - With the right communication backbone,
• Connect up the assets
• Data gathering and analysis
• Use system and data for cost savings, revenue generation, increased safety and customer experience.

Why - The number of connected devices and the resultant data capture is growing exponentially. Infrastructure asset owners can benefit in many ways, including:
• Increase in customer service, experience and retention e.g. timetables, asset usage, free wifi, asset knowledge etc.
• Operational benefits including cost reduction, increased safety, mission cirital communcaitons, combined voice & data and revenue generation.

Who - Led by GHD, Connecting Infrastructure provides asset owners with comprehensive end to end solutions, seamlessly bringing together the variety of skills and companies, including:
• Communications backbone (e.g. eLTE)
• Most appropriate technology/equipment
• Application software and end user interface
• System integrators
• Data analytics
• Asset and maintenance management advisory
• Advertising
• Project Management
• Managed services with service level agreements (SLA)

For more information, email Jeremy Stone  tel: +61 3 8687 8341  |  email Matthew Bowler  tel: +61 3 8687 8780